Just so incredibly depressed,
and i keep trying to talk myself into not being like this but then it just hits even harder.
I really hope this vacation helps.


drake be on another plane


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Chris Haas - Baroque Skull Sculptures

Chris Haas was born June 7, 1973 in Hays, Kansas, where he grew up the middle of three talented brothers — in the constant company of artistic energy. He spent much of his childhood drawing and in the midst of a simple and less-than-dramatic Kansas environment, his art exhibited an imagined distortion of reality and an innate compulsion to create. In 1991, Haas moved to Southwest Colorado, where still driven by the desire to enhance and adorn his visual world, he continued developing his signature style. His passion for art slowly turned a preoccupation with collecting animal skulls into a creative outlet, as he transformed the skulls, using mixed media, giving them an air of relic presence. He feels he provides the skulls a second lease on life, meticulously reanimating them back into our dimension. The artist’s intentional approach and obvious devotion to expression are a part of his lifetime passion to adorn all facets of life —
even death

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Me too

Me too

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90’s Cartoon Characters As Strung-Out Drug Addicts

This is a series of 90’s cartoon characters imagined as sad-ass drug addicts by artist Paul Ribera

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